BMS provides training courses in various fields including Naval architecture, ship Building, non-destructive testing (NDT) and ultrasonic thickness gauging. Our head office provides one-year specialized courses in Marine UT and NDT (ASNT Level-II), and six-month courses in Marine Design and Drafting.

Our training session covers various vital areas, such as ship structures, ultrasonic thickness gauging, magnetic particle testing, dye penetrate testing, radiography, marine machinery, marine survey, marine design and drafting, and marine machinery.

Our training faculty constitutes of highly qualified and experienced naval architects and marine engineers. The training module is based on the B-Tech Ship Technology Standard with a team of experts in naval architecture and shipbuilding as a panel of advisors. Furthermore, once the training is completed, eligible candidates will be enrolled in BMS databank.

The founders of BEHRAD MARINE, as one of the leading design companies in Iran, believe in spreading their knowledge and experience and trend their beliefs by training individuals and companies who are interested in learning about the fundamentals of marine engineering and naval architecture as well as due tools and software.

In this way, BEHRAD MARINE has held some training courses about methods of rule-based ship designing and construction and also instruction of commercial softwares like Tribon and Autoship.