Destructive & Non Destructive Tests


BMS has established a skillful team containing professional inspectors of destructive and non-destructive test /NDT /OCTG /thermographic /eddy current /QC /welding/painting, and back-up staff equipped with the latest tools and technology to address the requirements of the Clients and international standards.

Having branch offices all over the world, our vibrant group serves all clients productively anytime and anywhere.

BMS has made a significant contribution as third party inspectors/NDT inspectors to the maritime and offshore industry worldwide.

Conventional NDT: Advanced NDT:

        - Liquid Penetrant Test (PT)                          - Eddy current
        - Magnetic Particle Test (MT)                       - IRIS
        - Ultrasonic Test (UT)                                   - AUT-Tofd/Phased Array
        - Radiography (RT)                                       - Magnetic flux Leakage(MFL-Tube/Plates)
        - Visual Test (VT)                                         - Long range UT
        - Leak Test (LT)                                            - Hydrogen Induced Cracking Detection
        - Positive Material Identification                  - Ultrasonic leak detection /
        - Vacuum Box Testing                                  - Hatch cover leak test

Mechanical testing services:

     - Bend Test                                                  - Brinell Hardness Test
     - Tensile test reduced section                      - Vickers Hardness Test
     -Round Tensile/ All weld Tensile/              - Flaring/Expansion Test
      Strip Tensile                                               - Flattening Test
     - Tensile through thickness Test/                - Proof Load Test
       Full tube Tensile Test                               - Fracture Test
     - Stress Rupture/                                         - Macro Examination
       Elevated temperature Tensile                   - Optical emission spectrograph (OES)
     - Hounsfield Tensile Test                           - Stress Durability
     - Nick break Test                                        - Welder & Procedure Qualifications test
     - Hydrogen Embrittlement                         - Chemical analysis
     - Charpy V-Notch Impact test                    - PMI tests
       (100° to -200° C)                                     - Failure analysis & Mettallography                   
     - Rockwell Hardness Test                          - Corrosion test
	  - Vendor inspection 

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