Thickness Gauging


BMS provides reliable and high-quality services across the globe. Our Ultrasonic Thickness (U.T.) gauging division and its operators have due certificates from classification societies.

Furthermore, the new concept of re-scantling calculations after U.T. gauging, developed by our research team, has been approved by various IACS members, helping the shipowners reduce the quantity of steel renewal.

The Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging division focuses on:

  • - CAS and CAP Surveys
  • - Special, Annual and Intermediate Surveys
  • - Class Entry/Renewal Surveys
  • - Rafting Surveys
  • - Rope Access Surveys
  • - URS- 31/ 19
  • - DNV NAUTICUS Surveys
  • - Condition Surveys
  • - Steel Estimation and Dry Dock Specification Preparation
  • - Pit Gauging/Mapping
  • - Steel Inspectors / supervisors
  • - Steel Superintendent for Dry Docking
  • - Pipeline Inspection and Pipeline Gauging

U.T. Gauging with a wide range of Diameter/Frequency probes (2 MHz - 5 MHz) makes it possible to inspect the pits and the kinds of different materials’ properties. We now provide steel inspectors/ supervisors to carryout steel renewal calculation and verification.

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